The need to feel loved

Love makes us do crazy things. Things that, normally, would never occur to us. Although some of us might not realize it, we have a need to feel loved. For some, the feeling is stronger than it is for others. I know the feeling and to be honest, it sucks. Everyone in some way, shape, or form, is looking for love from someone. Whether it’s friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, spouse, or even from ourselves, we still look for someone who will love us under any circumstance. There are few people who have been able to start loving themselves and then the feeling of needing love outside of yourself might not be there anymore, but we all look for someone to love us. I felt unloved sometimes, but I realized that I was looking to the wrong people. I used to look to my grandma for love because that was where I never felt any. After talking with my mom, I realized my grandma wasn’t really capable of love and the only person I was disappointing was myself. I had to accept that I couldn’t make her love me if she isn’t able to love anybody except for herself.

Some mentally ill people especially struggle with this. The best thing you can do is show them you love them. Don’t just tell them because you can tell someone you love them a million times, but if you start treating them like garbage, are they really going to feel loved? You have to show that you care through your actions. People may not always feel your love or feel your company, but the best you can do is try every time you have the opportunity, to show them you care and you are there for them. I also attached a song. Click here to listen.



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